New Release: No Longer Weak

No Longer Weak
by Lyra Parish
No Longer Weak

“I love you: those three words are so powerful they alone can change the world.” 

Jennifer Downs and Finnley Felton are drawn to one another like opposite ends of magnets. 

Many things have changed since Jennifer moved from Texas to Vegas. Secrets from her past are uncovered and they leave her feeling like everything she knew was a lie. Jennifer desperately seeks the truth, while trying to plan her future. Safety is key, but how can one be truly safe while being hunted? 

Love and hope mingle with revenge. 

Finnley Felton is fearless. He never thought another woman could change his world, but now that Jennifer has, nothing but death itself could take her from him. Jesse seeks retribution, and continues on her deadly path of destruction. 

Bridges will be mended. 
Secrets will be revealed, and for better or worse, lives will ultimately change forever. 

Find out if Finnley and Jennifer get their happily ever after in the final installment of the Weakness Series. Intended for a mature audience.