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The Year of the Three Popes
Brian Murphy
three popes

Two short stories and a poem set during the dark days of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. Real and imagined Belfast characters struggle to keep their heads above a rising tide of violence. Tragically, some are swept away.


Sophia Stafford

For centuries, Azrael’s sole purpose was to find her—and kill her. 

And now he has her, just down the hall to be exact! So beautiful and fragile, she is so close he can almost hear her precious blood pumping through her veins. Blood he has been hunting for since the day he fell. 

His mind is screaming, “Kill her. Stick to the plan, drain her blood, and ascend to Heaven.” But every fibre of his soul refuses to harm her. 

If he won’t kill her, what will he do with the beautiful Lilliah Daniels? 

He smirks. He might be an Angel, but he’s never claimed to be saint.