NEW RELEASE: Girl From Above 3 – Trapped

Girl From Above 3: Trapped
by Pippa DaCosta

“When are you going to stop running, Caleb?” 

Taking the synth to the casino capital of the nine systems seemed like a great idea at the time, but as Caleb Shepperd’s many enemies close in, he only has one way out. He must betray #1001.

Caleb can’t make the same mistake twice. Can he?

#1001 has a price on her head. The Fenrir Nine and Chitec will stop at nothing to secure her secrets. The very same secrets that riddle her synthetic mind with faults.

Her systems are failing.

And the one man she’s come to trust may prove to be her enemy.

From the bestselling author of The Veil Series, the fast-paced sexy sci-fi series continues in Girl From Above 3: Trapped. Reviewers call the 1000 Revolution Series an exciting mix of Firefly, Ex_Machina, and Blade Runner.

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