New Release: Dark Tempest

by Annette Marie

In the mesmerizing sequel to Red Winter, Emi can no longer hide within the safety of the shrines. The goddess has charged her with a new task, one that will take her deep into the perilous realm of yokai. Shiro is her guide and protector, yet his confusing, captivating allure is a danger of its own. With the fate of the world in her mortal hands, she cannot falter, but is she strong enough to sacrifice everything–including him?

Dark Tempest is the second installment in the Red Winter Trilogy.

Praise for Red Winter:

“Red Winter was full of magic, action, romance, a whole lot of intrigue and an amazing set of characters … honestly one of the books that I will read again and again until the second one comes out.” – Chaotic Reader

“While our heroine may not wield a sword (ahem, she has people for that), her self determination in the face of a seemingly impossible fate is a message that will speak to the hearts and minds of readers … a feast for the imagination.” – WTF Are You Reading

“This was my first book by this author and she grabbed me with this mesmerizing story. I don’t think she’ll be letting me go anytime soon.” – With Love for Books

BOOK 1: Red Winter