new release: bless their shallow graves


by Meg Collett

The Righteous Series concludes with Bless Their Shallow Graves

A monster prowls the woods of Shiner’s Ridge. No one in Righteous is safe.

To stop the Skinned Man before he destroys the Seam and unleashes a plague of evil on Righteous, Loey must uncover the history of the town’s three founders. The closer she gets to the truth, however, the more enemiesrise up against her, including an old childhood friend. Under theinfluence of the evil from across the Seam, he will do anything to endhis own suffering, including putting Loey in the ground for good.

Dale freed Barty, but the man from her mirror is not the man in her bed.This man is a stranger in her dead husband’s clothes. More than herheart is on the line when she’s forced to choose between the man she’sdesperate to love and the townsfolk whose blood Barty is craving.

To untangle the knots of the past, Loey and Dale must confront themonsters of their present. Saving Righteous from a ravenous evil willdemand they sacrifice more than they can afford to lose. If they fail,there won’t be anyone left to salt the graves of the dead.

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