Good Rules For Living

Bonnie Rocker fled the small town of Bethel Valley on the exhaust cloud of a ’74 Camaro, holding tight to the hand of the local bad boy.

Ten years later, broke, single, and exhausted to her bones, Bonnie and her six-year-old daughter return home for her grandmother’s funeral. As she pulls into the driveway of Rockaway Ranch, she comes face to face with the reason she fled town: Slim Rocker, her mother.

Due to an unexpected stipulation in her grandmother’s will, Bonnie and her daughter must live on the ranch for one year before Bonnie can cash out her inheritance. An entire year spent under Slim’s oppressive rules. “Good rules for living,” she calls them, but Bonnie has always fallen short of their mark.

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Bonnie almost runs over the ranch’s newest hand, Casey Donahue. He is fresh out of prison and caught in the eye of the town’s gossip storm. Nothing adds up with this man, and her mother isn’t talking—even though she’s the one who sent him to prison.

The year will not only test Bonnie’s resolve, but the very fabric of her heart. She will have to find her faith or risk losing everything most precious to her.

A change is coming for the heroines and heroes of the Bethel Valley Christian romance series. They will find love, healing, and family in interweaving stories set across one year of their lives. Each novel portrays a new cast of main characters and can be read as a stand-alone.