Beauty For Ashes: Christian Romance (Bethel Valley Book 3)

Hayley has lost her crown and the precious life inside her.

Hayley has never been the good-girl type, even though she has won more beauty pageants than she can count. After a miscarriage unravels her sequin-lined world, she sets her sights on winning back the one thing that will restore her: her crown.

Dan, the town’s golden boy and pastor, has been in love with Hayley since elementary school. Hayley navigates his crush with a certainty that he will eventually come to his senses and move on. But despite her loyalty lying with another man, Hayley’s feelings deepen toward Dan. She discovers that accepting his love means accepting her self-worth and healing old wounds.

Beauty For Ashes shows a woman’s healing journey from loss to acceptance. Readers will love the wholesome values and sweet romance found in the Bethel Valley Series.

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