Night Scourge

by Pippa DaCosta

“You were raised among Dark Ones and each one wants a bite of you.”

Adrift in a strange land and with the Night Station weakening, Lynher has never felt more alone.

Guests are leaving. The Station platform is silent. And there’s nobody left to save.

So when a member of the European resistance wanders in off the street, offering a new life outside the Station, Kensey can’t refuse. But Lynher can. The Dark Ones are circling. The Station is vulnerable. Now is not the time to abandon it.

But the Station has secrets. Secrets that test Lynher’s faith in those she loves, secrets about her, about the Night Station, and about the most dangerous vampire of them all:


Lynher cannot leave, but how can she stay when the truth is more terrifying than any monster?

“Guard your soul, dear traveler, for Night is long and the dark is hungry. “

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