The Founders Series

by Mari Dietz

How do you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?

Fear of the blight consumes the people of Verrin. A constant presence swirling over their city, it infects humans and morphs them into monstrous creatures. Thankfully, the reapers are there to drain humans of the blight. Now, the time has come for Vic’s sister to be cleansed. 

Vic is honored to be selected for an Order and thrilled to be leaving her family obligations behind. Until she uncovers a terrible truth. All is not as it seems in the city of Verrin. An enemy hides in plain sight, driven by their own twisted agenda. As danger closes in from all sides, Vic hunts for safety for her and her sister. But where do you hide within the confines of a walled city? 

With lives on the line and time running out, Vic faces an impossible choice. Save the city or save her sister. She can only offer salvation to one… 


A nervous hush falls over Nyx Territory when its residents begin to vanish…

After leaving her family’s empire, Vic must look for answers herself. Yet as more people within the city go missing, she is left floundering for an explanation. 

One growing theory involves the rising evil that is GicCorp turning the abducted people into mogs to further their unknown agenda. With lies and half-truths circling all around, Vic is faced with the impossible choice between helping the reapers or infiltrating Haven to rescue her sister. 

With William steadfast by her side, the two uncover a web of corruption that could cost them their lives. Who can they trust in a city built on secrets? And how do you stop a power built on stolen souls?


Framed for a malicious act of violence, the reapers are forced underground, leaving the City of Verrin at GicCorp’s mercy.

Vic is running out of time. Soon, she will be infected with blight. Her only hope is to leave her family behind and go into hiding with the others of her kind.

Reapers like her are outnumbered by the GicCorp army, which grows larger by the day. They are being picked off one by one, forced to face the cruelty of the corporation or leave Verrin and risk turning into blighted monsters.

Tristan will stop at nothing until he robs Vic of all she holds dear, yet her father claims to hold a secret that could give the reapers an upper hand. With families turning against each other in the midst of the chaos, can she trust him at his word? Or will taking that risk cost her life?