The Hidden King Series

by Jen L. Grey

Sometimes, survival depends on not being seen.

I should know. That’s the only way I’ve survived. Getting accepted into a prestigious university was my chance at freedom; to escape and live without fear and resentment. 

And with no emotional attachments–or at least that was the plan.

Until I see Egan. 

He’s sexy, mysterious, and has muscles in all the right places. He invokes feelings I don’t want or understand. 

The more he shows up, the harder of a time I have remembering why staying away from him was a good idea. But he brings deep, dark secrets that alter my entire world.

Monsters exist. Witches cast spells. And animals may be human after all.

I either embrace fate and enter a strange new world full of risks like never before or walk away.

Maybe, I’m destined for heartache because sometimes, love isn’t worth what it costs to fall.


Connecting with my dragon may kill us all.

After completing the mate bond with Egan, things should be easy, but at every turn, there’s danger hovering close by. So we did the only thing we could–run and hide.

However, there is one clear objective we must handle despite the cost–protect the thunder. 

With each decision Egan and I make determines the dragon shifters’ place in our world. We won’t go down without fighting, but I’m not sure we’ll still be breathing at the end.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

My world has spiraled out of control, but finding my fated mate has brought some clarity.

I soon learn I’ve been part of this strange world for a lot longer than I’ve ever known, which rocks my very foundation.

Add in the fact that the fae dragon king wants Egan and me dead so he can rule both realms — causing death and destruction at every turn.

No matter what we do, we fall into one trap after another.

However, we refuse to lie down because there’s so much more at stake than what meets the eye. We will protect the thunders … even if it kills us.