The Marked Wolf Series

by Jen L. Grey

You can’t outrun a curse … trust me. I’ve tried.

My heart was left shattered into a million jagged pieces. To survive, I did the only thing I could and forced myself to play the part of the perfect girlfriend. The perfect daughter. Because no one wants someone broken.

But now, the boy who owned my heart is a grown man — hardened and cold.

Seeing Aidan four years later forces me to face my greatest fear, and realizing he is my fated mate only makes things worse.

Secrets aren’t meant to stay buried, and fate always has a plan.

That’s the funny thing about destiny. Right when you think everything is figured out, you get dealt a new hand.


Fate is cruel and she will always force your hand.

Solidifying my mate bond with Aiden was supposed to be a happy occasion. Instead, our union unleashed a curse, and now our survival hangs in the balance.

As I try to right the wrongs of the past, the Hallowed Guild is determined to get in the way. My next steps are clear, but every move I make puts those around me in danger.

Too much has happened for my destiny to be changed. I must embrace my role to untie the great divide between wolf shifter and witch. My mate and my people need me, and I can’t let them down. My life isn’t the one forfeit if I fail.


Destiny not only arrives, but nearly kicks my butt

Even though my foundation has been shaken, Aidan stays by my side, and together, we take the next steps to end the curse. We’ve found four other marked girls like me, but we’re still missing pieces to the puzzle… pieces that are critical for success. 

As the marked girls and I learn to work together, the truth surrounding the Hallowed Guild comes to light. 

Armed with this new knowledge, it’s time to take action and right the balance of power. To make choices that we’ll be forced to live with. One thing is certain—when we’re through, our world will never be the same.