The Wolf Born Trilogy

by Jen L. Grey

Finding my fated mate could bring death… or worse.

I was born to one day lead our pack, but the current alpha—my father—doesn’t think I’m worthy.

Going to college offers an escape, a chance to make a new beginning, to prove myself.

On my first day, though, I find far more than I bargained for.

My fated mate. Something that any wolf rejoices in finding.

Except he’s forbidden.

Choices must be made, and loyalties will be tested. With everything on the brink of destruction, only one thing is certain – my life will never be the same.


The thing about blood… it can’t lie.

For my entire life, I’d been complacent. I allowed others to make decisions for me until I almost lost my fated mate. So I did the only thing I could, I took him and ran.

Secrets surface and hidden truths are discovered… truths that no one dreamed about facing again.

Armed with new knowledge, I must make a choice. Be open to learn about who I really am or continue to stay ignorant. The answer isn’t quite as simple as some would leave you to believe.

With each move I make, I set the course for my future. With everything falling apart around me, I’m not quite sure what I’ll become when all is said and done.


Something boils inside of me, making me lose control.

All throughout my childhood, I was complacent vying for my father’s approval. Of course, that never happened and I finally relinquished the fantasy when he attempted to kill my fated mate.

Making matters worse, I learn that my life was a lie.

The man who claims to be my father hunts me. After all, he has all the power and control. But I’m going to find myself and bring him to his knees…. Or die trying.