The One and Only Crystal Druid (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 1)

by Annette Marie

I’m not your average girl.

My best friend is my switchblade. My favorite hobby is using it on the cruel, the abusive, and anyone who gets on my bad side. I’m a convicted murderer with a chip on my shoulder and a dangerous lack of restraint.

And then there’s Zak.

His rap sheet makes mine look tame. The bounty on his head is worth more money than I’ll ever make, and the deadly fae that shadow his every step wield more power than I’ll ever know.

He’s the Crystal Druid, and his first mistake was setting foot on my turf.

His second was saving my life.

And his final mistake will be failing to realize that however dark, however ruthless, however broken he is…

I’m worse.

From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs…if they don’t destroy each other first.

Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Marie’s website.



The Guild Codex: Warped Series

by Annette Marie

My name is Kit Morris, and welcome to my warped life.

Picture the scene: Me, an average guy with psychic powers—not that my abilities are in any way average—just trying to scrape by in a harsh world. So maybe I’ve conned a few people, but did I really deserve to be thrown in MPD jail alongside magic-wielding serial killers?

According to Agent Lienna Shen, one-hundred-percent yes.

But her hardass attitude and “Arcana prodigy” status aren’t enough to bring down my former best friend, who slipped through the MPD’s fingers and is days away from unleashing untold horrors upon the city. Or he’s going to steal something. I don’t really know.

Whatever he’s up to, that’s why I’m sitting in an interrogation room with Lienna. And that’s why I just offered myself as her temporary new partner for the purposes of thwarting my ex-accomplice. 

And that’s how I’m going to escape. I might even help with the case before I cut and run.

Meet MagiPol’s most unlikely duo in a hilarious new series set in The Guild Codex world. It can be read as a standalone series or as part of the larger Guild Codex saga.


Agent Kit Morris. Has a nice ring, doesn’t it? It’s a big step up from “wanted criminal” or “that weird con-artist guy with weirder psychic powers,” both of which recently applied to me. But my promotion to MagiPol agent comes with a few drawbacks.

First, supremely talented and effortlessly gorgeous Agent Lienna Shen won’t agree to a dinner date with me. Second, my new assignment has pitted me against a guild with very bad taste in pets. Third, those pets are demons, and those demons want to kill me.

My psychic magic is great for conning people. It doesn’t do jack shit against hellish orcs. If I screw this up, my dinner date will be with a demon—and I’ll be the dinner. Even better, I kind of suspect this supposedly straightforward assignment is actually the tip of an unholy iceberg of power-hungry malefactors bent on destroying all law and order in the city.

I should probably mention that last part to my boss.


As a former con-artist, I love a convoluted, mind-bending scheme as much as the next guy. But as a recently promoted MagiPol agent, I love it significantly less than that guy.

Especially when the life of a kidnapped teen hangs in the balance.

Between confusing orders and conflicting evidence, this whole investigation has me and my partner, Lienna, spinning in circles. Why is our boss keeping this case off the books? Why is our top suspect, the most notorious rogue in Vancouver, mired in contradictions? And why am I the only one who cares more about the victim than their own ulterior motives?

Everyone wants me to shut up and follow orders, but that’s not my style. I’ll do whatever it takes to save this kid—even if that means returning to my roguish roots.



The Hidden King Series

by Jen L. Grey

Sometimes, survival depends on not being seen.

I should know. That’s the only way I’ve survived. Getting accepted into a prestigious university was my chance at freedom; to escape and live without fear and resentment. 

And with no emotional attachments–or at least that was the plan.

Until I see Egan. 

He’s sexy, mysterious, and has muscles in all the right places. He invokes feelings I don’t want or understand. 

The more he shows up, the harder of a time I have remembering why staying away from him was a good idea. But he brings deep, dark secrets that alter my entire world.

Monsters exist. Witches cast spells. And animals may be human after all.

I either embrace fate and enter a strange new world full of risks like never before or walk away.

Maybe, I’m destined for heartache because sometimes, love isn’t worth what it costs to fall.


Connecting with my dragon may kill us all.

After completing the mate bond with Egan, things should be easy, but at every turn, there’s danger hovering close by. So we did the only thing we could–run and hide.

However, there is one clear objective we must handle despite the cost–protect the thunder. 

With each decision Egan and I make determines the dragon shifters’ place in our world. We won’t go down without fighting, but I’m not sure we’ll still be breathing at the end.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

My world has spiraled out of control, but finding my fated mate has brought some clarity.

I soon learn I’ve been part of this strange world for a lot longer than I’ve ever known, which rocks my very foundation.

Add in the fact that the fae dragon king wants Egan and me dead so he can rule both realms — causing death and destruction at every turn.

No matter what we do, we fall into one trap after another.

However, we refuse to lie down because there’s so much more at stake than what meets the eye. We will protect the thunders … even if it kills us.



The Wolf Born Trilogy

by Jen L. Grey

Finding my fated mate could bring death… or worse.

I was born to one day lead our pack, but the current alpha—my father—doesn’t think I’m worthy.

Going to college offers an escape, a chance to make a new beginning, to prove myself.

On my first day, though, I find far more than I bargained for.

My fated mate. Something that any wolf rejoices in finding.

Except he’s forbidden.

Choices must be made, and loyalties will be tested. With everything on the brink of destruction, only one thing is certain – my life will never be the same.


The thing about blood… it can’t lie.

For my entire life, I’d been complacent. I allowed others to make decisions for me until I almost lost my fated mate. So I did the only thing I could, I took him and ran.

Secrets surface and hidden truths are discovered… truths that no one dreamed about facing again.

Armed with new knowledge, I must make a choice. Be open to learn about who I really am or continue to stay ignorant. The answer isn’t quite as simple as some would leave you to believe.

With each move I make, I set the course for my future. With everything falling apart around me, I’m not quite sure what I’ll become when all is said and done.


Something boils inside of me, making me lose control.

All throughout my childhood, I was complacent vying for my father’s approval. Of course, that never happened and I finally relinquished the fantasy when he attempted to kill my fated mate.

Making matters worse, I learn that my life was a lie.

The man who claims to be my father hunts me. After all, he has all the power and control. But I’m going to find myself and bring him to his knees…. Or die trying.



The Marked Wolf Series

by Jen L. Grey

You can’t outrun a curse … trust me. I’ve tried.

My heart was left shattered into a million jagged pieces. To survive, I did the only thing I could and forced myself to play the part of the perfect girlfriend. The perfect daughter. Because no one wants someone broken.

But now, the boy who owned my heart is a grown man — hardened and cold.

Seeing Aidan four years later forces me to face my greatest fear, and realizing he is my fated mate only makes things worse.

Secrets aren’t meant to stay buried, and fate always has a plan.

That’s the funny thing about destiny. Right when you think everything is figured out, you get dealt a new hand.


Fate is cruel and she will always force your hand.

Solidifying my mate bond with Aiden was supposed to be a happy occasion. Instead, our union unleashed a curse, and now our survival hangs in the balance.

As I try to right the wrongs of the past, the Hallowed Guild is determined to get in the way. My next steps are clear, but every move I make puts those around me in danger.

Too much has happened for my destiny to be changed. I must embrace my role to untie the great divide between wolf shifter and witch. My mate and my people need me, and I can’t let them down. My life isn’t the one forfeit if I fail.


Destiny not only arrives, but nearly kicks my butt

Even though my foundation has been shaken, Aidan stays by my side, and together, we take the next steps to end the curse. We’ve found four other marked girls like me, but we’re still missing pieces to the puzzle… pieces that are critical for success. 

As the marked girls and I learn to work together, the truth surrounding the Hallowed Guild comes to light. 

Armed with this new knowledge, it’s time to take action and right the balance of power. To make choices that we’ll be forced to live with. One thing is certain—when we’re through, our world will never be the same.



Snake Eyes

by Pippa DaCosta

Unlucky people die around Jaz Archer. 

Like her sister, killed in an illegal street race two years ago.

That’s how the press told it. But Jaz knows the truth. Able to manipulate luck, Jaz took too much, and killed her sister to save herself.

Haunted by her sister’s screams, Jaz abandoned Davin Carino and his street-racing crew, and made a new life for herself managing a casino far away from the buzz of fast cars and the enigmatic Davin.

But you can’t outrun luck, and when a freak accident at the casino claims another life, Jaz is to blame once again. Reeling from guilt and more alone than ever, the timely arrival of a mysterious woman throws Jaz’s world into chaos. The woman tells Jaz magic is real, and it can bring back her sister. All Jaz has to do is win an ancient relic disguised as a superbike in a street-race.

The offer seems too good to be true, but if there’s a catch, Jaz doesn’t care. She’ll do anything to get her sister back. Including returning to Davin Carino and the crew she walked away from. If there’s a magical bike ripping up the street-racing scene, Davin will know.

It’s time to go back to the street, time to race. Time to win.

No matter the cost…

The Fast & The Furious with magic, Snake Eyes is a heart-pounding, street racing urban fantasy. Previously published as Run of Luck, Snake Eyes has been substantially extended, improved and updated, including new characters, emerging battle couple, more heat, and an entirely new ending. So buckle up, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride into the magically enhanced LA street-racing scene.

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The Founders Series

by Mari Dietz

How do you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?

Fear of the blight consumes the people of Verrin. A constant presence swirling over their city, it infects humans and morphs them into monstrous creatures. Thankfully, the reapers are there to drain humans of the blight. Now, the time has come for Vic’s sister to be cleansed. 

Vic is honored to be selected for an Order and thrilled to be leaving her family obligations behind. Until she uncovers a terrible truth. All is not as it seems in the city of Verrin. An enemy hides in plain sight, driven by their own twisted agenda. As danger closes in from all sides, Vic hunts for safety for her and her sister. But where do you hide within the confines of a walled city? 

With lives on the line and time running out, Vic faces an impossible choice. Save the city or save her sister. She can only offer salvation to one… 


A nervous hush falls over Nyx Territory when its residents begin to vanish…

After leaving her family’s empire, Vic must look for answers herself. Yet as more people within the city go missing, she is left floundering for an explanation. 

One growing theory involves the rising evil that is GicCorp turning the abducted people into mogs to further their unknown agenda. With lies and half-truths circling all around, Vic is faced with the impossible choice between helping the reapers or infiltrating Haven to rescue her sister. 

With William steadfast by her side, the two uncover a web of corruption that could cost them their lives. Who can they trust in a city built on secrets? And how do you stop a power built on stolen souls?


Framed for a malicious act of violence, the reapers are forced underground, leaving the City of Verrin at GicCorp’s mercy.

Vic is running out of time. Soon, she will be infected with blight. Her only hope is to leave her family behind and go into hiding with the others of her kind.

Reapers like her are outnumbered by the GicCorp army, which grows larger by the day. They are being picked off one by one, forced to face the cruelty of the corporation or leave Verrin and risk turning into blighted monsters.

Tristan will stop at nothing until he robs Vic of all she holds dear, yet her father claims to hold a secret that could give the reapers an upper hand. With families turning against each other in the midst of the chaos, can she trust him at his word? Or will taking that risk cost her life?



Champion’s Wrath (Fury of a Rising Dragon Book 4)

Summoning dragons exacts a price. Can they afford to pay it?

Augum, Bridget and Leera are the first to summon dragons in thousands of years. But the ancient spell inflicts an unforeseen side effect—after every casting, it turns them against each other.

As the Canterran army plunders their kingdom, Katrina Von Edgeworth uses her siege engine dragon to crush all resistance. The trio, fledglings at fighting in the air, soon find themselves outmatched.

Now everything hangs by a thread and Augum, Bridget and Leera must somehow carve a path to victory—without gouging each other’s eyes out.

Little do they know the enemy is readying a deadly surprise.

* * *

Champion’s Wrath is the grand finale to the Fury of a Rising Dragon series.
Also by Sever Bronny: The Arinthian Line series, the epic coming of age adventure that began it all.

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Delivering Evil for Experts

I promised to avenge my parents.

But their killer is still on the loose, and he’s stolen more than my parents’ lives. Now, as he draws closer to his mysterious goals, he’s poised to destroy what little I have left.

I promised to translate an ancient grimoire.

But it holds the secrets of my family–and the secret history of demon summoning. I fear its answers as much as I need them. Who was the foremother of Demonica…and who am I?

I promised to send my demon home.

But the way he watches me, the way he protects me, the way he touches me–how can I cast him away forever? I swore I would do this for him, but can I? Should I?

But I promised–and I will keep my promises even if they cost me my heart, my soul, and my life.


Damned Souls and a Sangria

Once upon a time, I was your average spunky redhead with the lamest employment history ever, a shaky relationship with my only family member, and no idea what I was doing with my life.

Now, I’m a pseudo mythic with the best bartending job in the world, the most amazing (and hot) best friends I never knew I needed, and a guild of misfit magic-users who’ve become my extended family.

And I’m about to lose it all.

In my desperation to save Ezra, I stumbled into a web of ruthless deception–and seriously pissed off a sleeping hydra. Now its every murderous head is turned toward me and my guild, and I don’t know how to stop it. I’m not sure I can.

I’m not sure anyone can.

But if I don’t, we’re all doomed–Ezra, Aaron, Kai, and my beloved guild.

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