What: I will correct objective errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, fix typos, and address any style issues according to The Chicago Manual of Style.

When: After comprehensive editing and before you publish.

Cost: 0.006 / word (or $60 per 10,000 words).
Discount: Receive 10% off as a follow-up to a line edit.

Time:  15,000 words / day on average

From You: a Word file (.doc or .docx) containing all the text you intend to publish, including front and back matter.


I will flag missing words and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar; identify and correct typographical and formatting errors; make sure the spelling of proper names and non-English words, as well as numbers, figures, and descriptions, are consistent; and check that all hyperlinks work and lead to active web pages.

Proofreading is a service meant for polished manuscripts that have been professionally edited and contain a minimal amount of errors. This service understands that all style choices (repetitions—actions, words, sentences, concepts—redundant language, unnecessary adverbs, etc.) and big-picture elements (plot, scene development, dialogue, etc.) are deliberate and were previously evaluated.

Email Elizabeth for her availability and to schedule your manuscript.

A PayPal fee will be added to the total cost of the edits. It is calculated using
5% GST will be added to Canadian orders.
The listed rates are in US currency.

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