0.02 / word

On top of fixing objective errors, a line edit also improves the sentence-level craft of storytelling by clarifying meaning, improving flow and word usage, eliminating wordiness, flagging repetitions, and enhancing the narrative style. I will also address continuity errors, flag issues in logic, and provide comments for more noticeable issues. Line editing focuses on sentence-level issues and does not address big-picture elements as fixing larger story problems often requires heavy rewriting.

For a detailed breakdown of what this service offers, you can visit the line editing page here.


I will correct objective errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, fix typos, and address any style issues according to The Chicago Manual of Style. This service assumes all style choices (repetitions, redundant language, unnecessary adverbs, passive vs, active prose, etc.) and big-picture elements (plot, scene structure, characters, info dumps, showing vs. telling, etc.) are deliberate and were previously evaluated.

For a detailed breakdown of what this service offers, you can visit the copyediting page here.

0.01/word (for manuscripts edited by Arrowhead Editing)
0.012/word (for new manuscript)

This is the final and most basic round of editing prior to formatting the manuscript for publication. A proofread should only come after your manuscript has been professionally edited and all major issues have been addressed. At this stage, we are trying to catch any errors that were missed or introduced during previous rounds of editing. I will correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and ensure consistency in spelling, formatting, hyphenation, capitalization, and more.

A PayPal fee will be added to the total cost of the edits. It is calculated using
5% GST will be added to Canadian orders.
The listed rates are in US currency.


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